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    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Isolation, identifi cation and optimization of fer[推薦閱讀]

      With the global warming, the cultivation and storage of northern Chinese cabbage has been infected by Sclerotium bacteria, resulting in the whole plant rot. In this study, in order to develop a bio-inhibitory agent with antibacterial effect and no toxicit

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      The association between folic acid supplementation[推薦閱讀]

      Objective: The study aimed to explore the association between folic acid supplementation, maternal nutritional levels during pregnancy and intelligence development of infants. Method: This was a prospective cohort study, mothers and their offspring in Jur

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Development of water-soluble zein colloid particle[推薦閱讀]

      In this work, water-soluble zein/sodium caseinate (SC) nanoparticles were prepared as a delivery system of antimicrobials through anti-solvent procedure. Two model antimicrobials (nisin and thymol) were coencapsulated into zein particles by different inte

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Investigation of physicochemical, microbiological[推薦閱讀]

      ?In this study, the commercially available chicken thigh and breast meat produced by organic and conventional methods were investigated in terms of physicochemical, microbiological and sensorial properties. The organic chicken breasts had higher fat conte

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Stability of phenolic compounds and drying charact[推薦閱讀]

      To realize high-value utilization of discarded apple peel, this study investigated the effects of three selected commercial drying methods on drying kinetics, microstructure, color, phenolic stability and antioxidant capacity of apple peel. Apple peel was

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Aroma profi le of two commercial truffl e species[推薦閱讀]

      Aroma is central to the worldwide success of truffl es as gourmet food and the high prices paid for these edible mushrooms. In this study, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from fruiting bodies of two Chinese truffl es of commercial relevance, Tuber indic

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Anti-hyperglycemic effects of dihydromyricetin in[推薦閱讀]

      Dihydromyricetin (DHM), as a bioactive fl avanonol compound, is mainly found in “Tengcha” (Ampelopsis grossedentata) cultivated in south of China. This study aimed to investigate the anti-hyperglycemic and anti- dyslipidemic activities of DHM using type 2

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      The role of glutamine in supporting gut health and[推薦閱讀]

      ?Recent research has shown that the amino acid glutamine can positively affect gut health by supporting the gut microbiome, gut mucosal wall integrity, and by modulating infl ammatory responses. As modulated by the vagus nerve, via the enteric nervous sys

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Approaches to evaluate nutrition of minerals in fo[推薦閱讀]

      Numerous techniques have been developed to determine the bioavailability of minerals. Each method has specifi c detection objects with certain procedures to assure the results. This review focuses on a comprehensive comparison of the applications, advanta

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Bioactive compounds and probiotics-a ray of hope i[推薦閱讀]

      The use of bioactive compounds and probiotic bacteria against the viral diseases in human is known for a long time. Anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties of bioactive compounds and bacteria with probiotic properties in respiratory vir

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Internal connections between dietary intake and gu[推薦閱讀]

      Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a chronic systematic inflammation disorder with increasing incidence, unknown pathogenesis, limited drug treatment, and abundant medical expenses. Dietary intake, as a daily indispensable environment factor, is closely related t

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Effect of xanthan gum on the quality of low sodium[推薦閱讀]

      ?The effects of xanthan gum (0% and 0.3%) on the quality of low sodium (2.0%, 2.4%, 2.8%, 3.2%, 3.6% and 4.0%) salted beef and property of myofibril proteins (MP) extracted from salted beef were researched. Changes in the salting absorptivity, cooking los

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Peptide fraction from sturgeon muscle by pepsin hy[推薦閱讀]

      Previous studies have suggested that polypeptides extracted from milk, soybean, fish, eggs, and meat possess potential anti-inflammatory effects. To date, few studies have reported the anti-inflammatory function of sturgeon peptides and their underlying m

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Chronic consumption of thermally processed palm oi[推薦閱讀]

      Dietary oils have critical influences on human health, and thermally cooking or frying modify the components and nutritional functions of oils. Palm oil was the most widely used oil in food processing industry, but its health effects remain debatable. In

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Hypoglycemic polysaccharides from Auricularia auri[推薦閱讀]

      Auricularia auricula (AA) and Auricularia polytricha (AP) are popular edible fungi. This study successfully produced hypoglycemic polysaccharides from un-smashed or smashing and sieving (through a 10-mesh sieve) AA and AP (termed as AAP/AAP-10 and APP/APP

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Simultaneous determination of 15 pesticide residue[推薦閱讀]

      In this experiment, a liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry method was built to determine 15 pesticide residues in Chinese cabbage and cucumber samples based on online turbulent flow chromatography purification. After modified quick, easy, cheap,

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Characterization of spoilage bacterial communities[推薦閱讀]

      Chilled duck meat is a popularly consumed meat in China but easily perishes at room/low temperature. Kojic acid is usually used as an antimicrobial. This study investigated the sensory scores, total bacteria number, and total volatile base nitrogen (TVB-N

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Purification, structural elucidation, and in vitro[推薦閱讀]

      A water-soluble polysaccharide, designated BFP-3, was isolated from Bangia fuscopurpurea by hot water extraction, anion-exchange, and size-exclusion chromatography and tested to determine its antitumor activity. The structural characteristics of BFP-3 wer

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Comparative transcriptomics analysis of Zygosaccha[推薦閱讀]

      The high-glucose tolerance of yeast is the main factor determining the efficiency of high-density alcohol fermentation. Zygosaccharomyces mellis LGL-1 isolated from honey could survive under 700 g/L highglucose stress and its tolerant characteristics were

    • 來源:  |  1年前

      Physico-chemical properties and structure of rice[推薦閱讀]

      The relationships between chemical composition, structure and physicochemical properties such as pasting, thermal, and textural properties of 12 temperate rice cultivars grown in Heilongjiang Province, China were investigated in this study. There were sig








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